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OBI is the state affiliate for the National Association of Manufacturers.

Mission: To promote policies and laws that maintain and advance a strong manufacturing business climate in Oregon that contributes to a robust, sustainable and competitive economy.


  • Encourage innovations that integrate economic and environmental progress and allow manufacturers to better meet customer needs.
  • Advocate for flexible, effective incentives and regulations that provide a safe environment, while recognizing industry needs and challenges inherent in production processes.
  • Support policies that improve freight mobility and allow for cost-effective transportation of goods from manufacturers to customers.
  • Advocate for effective, well-funded career and technical education.
  • Promote manufacturing as an important part of Oregon’s economy and an attractive option for Oregon workers.

The Industry:

In 2015, Oregon ranked second among states for the percentage of gross domestic product attributed to manufacturing, 25.2 percent. Only Indiana at 29.1 percent was higher. Oregon also ranks high in terms of the number of manufacturing jobs. In fact, since 1991 Oregon’s manufacturing job growth has exceeded the U.S. average each year – growing more in up years and shrinking less during the recession. The average manufacturing wage in 2014 was $64,000, compared with $46,500 for all jobs, according to the Oregon Employment Department.